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pnj current brews

brew brew date last update state
poor porter 2014-01-14 2014-01-14 10:36 WAKT primary fermentation
October ESB 2013-10-05
September Stout 2013-09-28
September Pale Ale 2013-09-19
Red 2013-09-06 2013-09-07 08:24 WAKT strike water
Mannys Inspired Clone 2013-06-14
Wheat 2013-05-25
9Gallons 2013-05-22
brownie 2012-12-18
Delete Me 2012-10-18
#3 BIAB 1988-08-27

authored recipes

name style (type) date
amber lamps 2 American Amber Ale (All Grain) 2014-03-07
feb-Pale American Pale Ale (All Grain) 2014-02-21
Red Scottish And Irish Ale (All Grain) 2014-02-01
Clone of Red Irish Red Ale (All Grain) 2014-02-01
poor porter Robust Porter (All Grain) 2013-12-29
late november pale American Pale Ale (All Grain) 2013-11-30
October ESB Special/Best/Premium Bitter (All Grain) 2013-10-06
September Stout Stout (All Grain) 2013-09-29
September Pale Ale American Pale Ale (All Grain) 2013-09-20
Red Irish Red Ale (All Grain) 2013-09-07
Mannys Inspired Clone American Pale Ale (All Grain) 2013-06-15
Wheat American Wheat or Rye Beer (All Grain) 2013-05-26
9Gallons American Amber Ale (All Grain) 2013-05-22
brownie unknown style (All Grain) 2012-12-19
Delete Me Strong Scotch Ale (All Grain) 2012-10-19
#3 BIAB unknown style (All Grain) 2012-02-12

starred recipes

name author style when
no starred recipes, yet.

historical brews

brew brew date last update
no historical brews