AA% BA% C%
hop region type low high low high low high desc notes
Admiral uk bitter 13.016.2 4.86.1 0.045.0 Wye
Ahtanum us aroma 5.76.8 5.06.5 30.035.0 floral YCR 1 CV
Amarillo us dual 8.011.0 6.07.0 21.024.0 floral, citrusy; signature Virgil Gamache Farms VGXP01 cv.
Apollo us bitter 15.019.0 5.58.0 24.028.0 Added late into the boil it provides a strong grapefruit and hoppy note. Hopsteiner 0151
Aramis fr aroma 8.08.0 floral, earthy, woody, Earl Grey, lemon, hay, herbal. Strisselspalt lineage
B Saaz/Mouteka nz aroma 6.57.5 5.05.5 29.0 It displays a unique floral citrus aroma and shares character with its Saaz parent. Used in many styles, it is very popular in pilsners and pale ales. A triploid aroma type developed by New Zealand HortResearch. This hop was bred by crossing a New Zealand breeding selection (2/3) with Saazer parentage (1/3). First selected by a notable Belgian brewery lead to this variety being called Belgian Saaz and later shortened to "B" Saaz so as not confuse country of origin.
Boadicea uk aroma 8.09.0 3.63.6 26.026.0 spice somewhat intense
Bramling uk dual 5.07.0 2.33.2 33.035.0
Bramling Cross uk bitter 5.07.8 2.23.2 26.034.0 unique fruity, blackcurrant and lemon notes
Bravo us bitter 14.017.0 3.05.0 29.034.0 excellent bittering hop that provides pleasant fruity and floral aroma characteristics Hopsteiner 0146
Brewer's Gold (UK) uk bitter 5.56.5 2.53.5 40.048.0 black currant, fruity, spicy Wye
Brewer's Gold (US) us bitter 7.010.0 3.04.5 40.048.0 blackcurrant, fruity, spicy
Bullion uk bitter 6.59.0 5.06.0 35.040.0 intense, black current aroma
Calypso us dual 12.012.0 Pleasantly complex, fruity aroma, with hints of pear and apple. Notes of earthy tea too.
Cascade us dual 4.57.0 4.57.0 33.040.0 flowery and citrusy can have a grapefruit note
Centennial us dual 6.011.5 3.54.5 28.030.0 floral and citrus tones medium intensity
Challenger uk dual 6.58.5 3.04.5 20.030.0 mild to moderate, quite spicy
Chelan us bitter 12.014.5 8.59.8 33.035.0 Daughter of Galena
Chinook us bitter 10.014.0 2.54.0 29.034.0 med intensity, spicy, piney, distinctive, grapefruit; highly acceptable beer aroma profile with smooth bitterness and full flavor
Citra us dual 11.013.0 3.54.5 22.024.0 citrus flavors of lime, grapefruit and other tropical fruits HCB 394
Cluster us dual 5.510.0 4.58.0 36.042.0 floral and spicy
Columbia us dual 7.011.5 3.05.5 36.043.0 no longer grown
Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus us bitter 12.018.0 4.06.5 27.040.0 pungent; "dank
Comet us bitter 9.512.5 3.06.0 41.041.0 no longer grown
Crystal us aroma 3.56.0 4.56.7 20.026.0 very mild character, clean and slightly spicy triploid variety; USDA-bred from Hallertau Mittlëfuh, Cascade, Northern Brewer and Early Green.
Delta us aroma 5.57.0 5.57.0 22.024.0 mild and pleasant aroma that is slightly spicy with a hint of citrus. Fuggle/Cascade cross. Hopsteiner 04188
East Kent Golding uk dual 4.56.5 2.53.5 22.032.0 gentle, fragrant, pleasant classic English Ale hop
El Dorado us dual 14.016.0 7.08.0 30.030.0 Candylike intense aroma. pear, cherry and other stone fruits
Eroica us bitter 9.514.0 2.55.0 36.042.0 no longer commercially available
Falconer's Flight us dual 10.510.5 4.34.3 27.027.0 tropical, citrus, floral, lemon, and grapefruit tones 14-hop blend from HopUnion to celebrate Glen Hay Falconer
Feux-Coeur Francais au bitter A rare Australian hop variety that has its genetic roots in the Burgundy region of France. It has been specially adapted to grow in the cool climate of Victoria (Australia).
First Gold uk dual 4.09.3 2.34.1 31.034.0 woody, minty flavor and aroma that has been compared to WGV and to Fuggle.
Fuggle (UK) uk dual 4.05.5 2.03.0 23.030.0 mild, spicy, woody aroma
Fuggle (US) us dual 4.05.5 1.52.0 25.032.0 mild, woody and fruity
Galaxy au dual 13.313.8 35.035.0 unique and striking aroma described as a combination of citrus and passion fruit. This variety also provides significant bittering. Intense and pleasant aroma.
Galena us bitter 11.014.0 7.09.0 32.042.0 citrusy. fruity/black-currant similar to Bullion
Glacier us dual 3.39.7 5.49.5 11.013.0 excellent, pleasant hoppiness Washington State University breeding program, 2000
Golding (BC) bc dual 4.07.0 a more citrusy version of Willamette
Golding (US) us aroma 4.05.0 2.03.0 20.025.0 mild delicate classic English-type
Golding, Canterbury (US) us aroma 4.07.0 5.08.0 21.023.0
Green Bullet nz dual 9.014.5 6.57.5 41.043.0 distinctive raisin-like character.
Greenburg us 5.05.0 fruity flavor with a touch of woody flavors Southern Idaho
Hallertau (NZ) nz dual 6.59.5 7.78.5 28.037.0 clean dual-purpose lager hop with a floral and lime zest character.
Hallertau (US) us aroma 3.05.5 3.05.5 18.024.0 very mild, slightly flowery and somewhat spicy
Hallertau Gold us 6.06.5
Hallertau Gold (DE) de
Hallertau Hersbrucker (DE) de aroma 2.55.5 2.55.5 18.024.0 mild to semi-strong, pleasant and hoppy
Hallertau Magnum (DE) de bitter 11.016.0 5.07.0 21.029.0 Hüll
Hallertau Mittelfrüh (DE) de aroma 2.55.5 2.55.5 18.024.0 slightly flowery and spicy very mild classic German aroma hop
Hallertau Northern Brewer (DE) de dual 7.010.0 3.05.0 27.033.0
Hallertau Tradition (DE) de aroma 4.07.0 3.06.0 24.038.0
Hallertau, Organic (NZ) nz 7.09.0 6.06.5 35.035.0 nice resiny, citrusy characteristic
Herald uk bitter 9.013.0 4.85.5 35.037.0 combines strong bitterness with a citrusy, grapefruit character Wye
Horizon us dual 10.216.5 6.58.5 16.022.0 clean-tasting, floral, spicy; subtle bitterness currently grown only by a single American producer and so is not generally available to home brewers."; half-sister to Nugget; low cohumulone results in a clean-tasting beer
Legacy us dual 7.87.8 floral, blackcurrant and spicy aroma.
Liberty us aroma 3.56.0 2.95.0 24.030.0 unique slightly spicy character and, unlike its half-sisters, is considered a true noble hop by some
Lublin pl aroma 3.05.0 2.54.0 25.030.0 considered noble by some and has a chemical composition and aroma characteristics very similar to the classic noble hops
Magnum (DE) de bitter 12.014.0 4.55.0 24.025.0 no real distinct aroma character, so is viewed favorably as a clean bittering hop
Magnum (US) us bitter 12.014.0 4.56.0 24.028.0 no real distinct aroma character, so is viewed favorably as a clean bittering hop
Millenium us bitter 14.516.5 4.35.3 28.032.0 Millennium hops are very similar to Nugget hops in aroma and flavor. Some descriptors included floral, resiny, and a bit spicy/herbal.
Mosaic us dual 11.513.5 0.00.0 0.00.0 Mango, lemon, citrus, earthy pine, tropical fruit, herbal and stone fruit notes. HBC369
Mount Hood us aroma 3.08.0 4.07.5 22.027.0 mild and clean aroma and flavour
Mount Rainier us dual 6.26.2 22.022.0 Hallertauer-like flavor and aroma; licorice and citrus.
Nelson Sauvin nz aroma 12.013.0 6.08.0 24.024.0 unique fruit, white wine grape
Newport us 13.517.0 7.29.1 36.038.0 mild Hallertau Magnum mother
Northdown uk dual 6.010.0 3.66.2 23.030.0 clean and mild bitterness and a distinctive strong, woody, minty flavor.
Northern Brewer (DE) de dual 7.010.0 3.55.0 28.033.0 medium-strong with some wild American tones
Northern Brewer (UK) uk dual
Northern Brewer (US) us dual 6.510.0 1.55.0 20.030.0 medium-strong
Nugget us bitter 12.014.5 4.08.0 24.030.0 smooth but somewhat heavy, herbal, spicy bitterness
Olympic us bitter 10.013.0 3.86.1 26.040.0 spicy, citrusy aroma
Opal de aroma 5.09.2 Moderate bitterness and fruity, floral character - use for Belgian, wheat, and hybrid beers.
Pacific Coast Cluster us bitter one of the early cluster varieties; aka "Old English Cluster
Pacific Gem nz dual 13.016.0 7.09.0 37.040.0 cask-oak or woody character and blackberry notes when used in bittering.
Pacific Jade nz dual 12.014.0 7.08.0 24.024.0 bold” as it delivers a herbal infusion of fresh citrus and crushed black pepper. Brewing trials have illustrated Pacific Jade as an excellent hop that delivers a pleasing soft bitterness matched to desirable aroma characteristics.
Palisade us aroma 5.59.5 6.08.0 24.029.0 Some describe as grassy and piney with hints of apricot. YCR 4 cv.
Perle (DE) de dual 4.09.0 2.55.0 27.035.0 floral and slightly spicy, moderately intense
Perle (US) us dual 7.09.5 4.05.0 27.032.0 floral and slightly spicy
Phoenix uk dual 7.015.0 3.35.5 24.033.0 Challenger Wye
Pilgrim uk dual 9.013.0 4.25.2 36.038.0 distinctive aroma because of its high selinine levels. Wye
Pilot uk bitter 8.012.0 mild herbal, lemon hints, fresh mowed grass Charles Faram & Co Ltd. "Ros", "S24
Pioneer uk dual 8.010.0 3.54.0 36.040.0 pleasant english character
Pride of Kent uk dual 8.011.0 6.08.0 27.040.0
Pride of Ringwood au dual 7.010.5 4.06.0 32.039.0 distinct citrus aroma that is strong and somewhat coarse but still pleasant
Progress uk dual 4.07.5 2.02.5 25.036.0 mild spicy or woody character somewhat similar to Fuggle (British), but is slightly sweeter, and usually provides a softer bitterness in beers of all types
Rakau nz dual 9.011.0 25.025.0 late hop character delivering tropical fruit aromas of passionfruit and peach.
Revolution us aroma 5.45.4 2.62.6 27.127.1 It has a clean spicy aroma and would be very at home in all kinds of pale ales, IPA's, Black IPA's and even lagers.
Riwaka/D Saaz au aroma 5.95.9
Saaz (CZ) cz aroma 3.06.0 3.08.0 23.028.0
Saaz (US) us aroma 3.04.5 3.04.5 24.028.0 very mild, spicy and earthy
Santiam us aroma 5.07.0 6.08.5 20.024.0 floral, slightly spicy
Saphir de aroma 3.05.5 4.07.0 15.015.0 floral
Satus us bitter 12.514.0 8.59.0 32.035.0 similar to Galena
Select de 4.06.0 3.54.5 21.025.0 very fine Spalter type aroma
Simcoe us dual 12.014.0 4.05.0 15.020.0 very unique, pine-like aroma YCR14; released in 2000
Sonnet Golding
Sorachi Ace jp aroma 11.012.5 6.57.0 25.025.0 noble; strong but pleasant lemon character
Southern Cross nz dual 11.014.0 5.06.0 25.028.0 citrusy and spicy aromas
Soverign uk aroma 5.06.0 2.32.5 28.028.0 mild flavor similar to Fuggle
Spalt (DE) de aroma 2.56.0 3.05.0 22.029.0 mild, spicy aroma that is often compared to Czech Saaz or Tettnang Tettnanger
Spalt (US) us 3.06.0 3.05.0 20.025.0
Spalt Select de aroma 3.06.5 2.56.2 20.027.0 floral and spicy fine aroma
Sterling us aroma 4.59.0 4.06.0 21.024.0 very good noble hop style of spicy, floral, slightly citrusy character released in 1998
Sticklebract nz dual 10.514.5 7.58.5 42.045.0 high selinine content and a piney, citrusy aroma
Strisselspalt fr aroma 3.05.0 3.05.5 20.025.0 Medium intensity, pleasant and hoppy
Styrian Bobek si aroma 3.57.0 4.06.1 27.031.0 Distinctive perfume pine/lemon/citrus hoppy character.
Styrian Golding si aroma 4.56.0 2.03.0 25.030.0 delicate, slightly spicy Slovenia-grown Fuggles "ecotype". world-renouned aroma hop
Summer Saaz au aroma 4.57.0 4.86.1 22.525.0 balanced, sweet, and fruity hop aromas. Even the untrained nose is quick to detect passionfruit, citrus and melon. It has been noted to be similar in character to the Czech Saaz parent, but without the spicy characteristic.
Summit us bitter 16.018.0 4.06.0 23.033.0 strong aroma profile that includes citrus and grapefruit notes
Sun us bitter 12.016.0 4.57.0 30.040.0 intense but pleasant aroma; sister to Zeus, likely derived from NB proprietary: SS Steiner, Inc.0
Super Alpha nz bitter 10.012.0 7.08.5 36.039.0 fresh, grassy character with notes of pine needle and lemongrass.
Super Galena us bitter 13.016.0 8.010.0 35.045.0 high-yield, complete resistance to all current hop powdery mildrew strains found in the US"; Hopsteiner 9908
Talisman an improved cluster variety
Tardif de Bourgogne fr aroma 3.15.5 3.15.5 20.020.0
Target uk bitter 8.013.0 4.57.0 35.040.0 pleasant english hop aroma, quite intense
Taurus de dual A variety of Hallertau with very high alpha acid content. It has a distinctive hoppy tang with a delicate aroma A variety of Hallertau with very high alpha acid content. It has a distinctive hoppy tang with a delicate aroma.
Tettnang (CH) ch aroma not-really-noble
Tettnang (DE) de aroma 3.55.5 2.74.5 20.029.0
Tettnang (US) us 4.05.0 3.04.0 20.025.0 pleasant and slightly spicy
Tillicum us bitter 12.014.5 9.310.5 31.038.0 daughter of Galena, full sister of Chelan
Topaz au bitter 15.518.0 6.07.0 47.049.5
Tradition de 5.07.0 4.05.0 26.029.0 very fine, similar to German Hallertau
Ultra aroma 2.03.5 3.04.5 23.038.0 mild and pleasant Saaz-like aroma
Vanguard us aroma 5.06.0 5.07.0 14.020.0 Al Korzonas describes it as "a rather herbal Hallertauer or a slightly buttery Tettnanger.
Warrior us dual 15.017.0 4.55.5 24.024.0 very mild grapefruit citrus Yakima Chief Ranches, LLC, YCR-5
Whitbread Goldings Variety uk dual 5.08.0 2.03.3 25.043.0 W.G.V. provides a distinctive sweet fruit flavour in beers, similar to, but generally more pronounced and robust than, Goldings. It gives a mild, clean bitterness in traditional ales, and is sometimes used with good effect as a distinctive dry hop with a fruity, mild and clean flavor
Willamette us aroma 4.06.0 3.04.5 30.035.0 mild, grassy, floral and slightly spicy aroma similar to Fuggle USDA bred 1976 Fuggle daughter
Yakima Cluster us bitter 5.58.5 4.55.5 36.042.0
Yeoman uk bitter Mixes well with Mount Hood and Willamette. Unsuitable as an aroma hop.
Zenith uk